March 2017 – Cozumel, Mexico

In the midst of exam revision and essay writing season I was lucky enough to be taken to Cozumel by my boyfriend’s family. Think sun, beaches and driving Jeeps around the tiny island instead of essays, dissertation readings and the American Civil War. Yeah, it was pretty great. I’m usually the kind of person who can’t sit still on holiday (…or ever) but the months of work and stress both preceding and post-holiday made relaxing the perfect thing.

Enjoy some pretty photos of Cozumel + some selfies (oops).

Also I bought the most beautiful bikini for this holiday here. Obsessed with burnt orange/ bronze at the moment!

So beautiful, no?
Somerfield Swim is so beautiful. literally hopped off an early morning flight and then straight to this! Literally the first thing I did haha
Margaritas poolside couldn’t get better


My absolute favourite part of the trip was driving around the island in an old beat up Jeep. The Jeep was literally gutted with no seatbelts, a broken speedometer and no buttons on the dash. I have never driven on the ‘wrong side’ of the road before so it was a fun way to practise for Arizona! We saw the most beautiful sights, beautiful coasts and beaches. The island is tiny and you can drive to a ton of different cool beach bars and I 1000000% recommend sucking up the price and doing it if you can. Also definitely barter on the price! Seriously one of my favourite days out ever.
Totally nailing driving on the wrong side of the road and simultaneously taking in the beautiful view!
He’s a cutie.
I literally live in Elepants during the hot summer months. They are sooooo light and cool and also protect my pale skin from the sun. Expect to see a lot of them in Phoenix!
I promise I didn’t drink all 4… but would it be Spring Break in Mexico without Señor Frogs yard-a-ritas?!


We also visited Playa Del Carmen for a day. Brace yourself for the ferry if you’re not a boat-lover.

We stayed at the Palace Resorts, check them out if you want a relaxing all inclusive holiday. So perfect for escaping exam stress.


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