Feelin’ 22

Last week I turned twenty two! Seeing the age on paper seems so adult and grown up but I’m beginning to realise it will be a long time before I feel like a bonafide adult (taxes??? health insurance?? real life jobs?????). I had a sweet birthday at one of my favourite little pub gardens… that turned a little messier later… and my boyfriend, Matt, took me to Amsterdam for the first time and it was more beautiful than I expected! I thought I would use this post to reflect on my year and highlight some hopes for the future!


Big events as a 21 year old:

  1. Moved to San Diego and interned for a California Senator
  2. Took my LSAT, applied, got accepted and chose a law school
  3. Finished my undergraduate studies (but still to graduate!)
  4. Started the year as a Kentucky resident and ended it back in Birmingham
  5. Matt moved to England to be with me
  6. Had new lovely housemates
  7. Visited San Diego, Florida, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, Argentina, Mexico, Chicago, Phoenix, Oakland, San Francisco and Amsterdam – some for the first time!
  8. Probably had the best body of my life + also been the saddest and most stressed I’ve ever been at times – it was definitely a rollercoaster


Five big events for my 22 year old self:

  1. Graduate from University of Birmingham
  2. Move to Phoenix, Arizona
  3. Start law school at Arizona State University
  4. Live by myself for the first time ever (before Matt joins me a few months later)
  5. Furnish my own house, pay health insurance, buy a car, pay car insurance, pay bills… basically be a real adult for the first time ever

The rest is pretty unknown so far but I’m excited to see what this year brings. Always new adventures.



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