May 2017 – Amsterdam Birthday Trip

Going to be honest that the photos I took on this trip were not the best and I actually didn’t take that many! I thought I would still share the things I did and ate!

This trip was my birthday gift from Matt and it was very sweet of him to take me somewhere I’d never been! It was a super hot weekend so the majority of what we did was just walk around and see the city. We didn’t go on a tour or to any museums as we probably would have done if we had more funds + time but I loved it the way we did it!


Most of my friends have been to Amsterdam before so I am used to seeing photos of the little colourful townhouses splashed all over my insta newsfeed but the photos do not do justice! They are sooooooo beautiful and movie-like (which is my ultimate downfall in life – that I expect it to be like a movie) they really have to be seen. Our hotel was near one of the outer canals and I am so happy it was. It was peaceful and calm and lovely to walk around. It felt really safe but it was still close to the bustling tourist areas. It was nice to feel like we were among real residents just living life. 
The weekend was lovely and warm and sunny! 


Vondel Park is a place pretty much everyone visits on their trip. It is a big city park and nice just to sit and rest your feet a little! 



Food is a big part of my life… probably too much but I love trying new food when I am on trips. We stopped for breakfast (ok it was 1pm so really lunch) at a nice healthy food cafe called Blushing. It was cute and like a literal Pinterest board but the food was great! I loved the Goats Cheese + honey salad so much I made my boyfriend go twice… and then made it at home (also it was called Goats Busters hehehehe). I normally hate salad but it was a warm salad and literally amazing. I could eat it all the time.




Belgian fries! Pro Tip: Do not get 2 sauces, it is way too much and I felt a lil sick. 




We walked past La Oliva on the first night and finally made it on the last night. The wait was worth it. It was honestly one of the best meals I have ever ever had but I don’t have a good photo of the meal. The menu only has 3-4 options so maybe Google before you go! I had steak and bleu cheese and it was incredible. There are also cute lil heart lights outside and the atmosphere was amazing too.


Restaurants visited:

  1. La Oliva – even the website is gorgeous $$$
  2. Assaggi – the pizza and burrata were great but I’m a sucker for anything with truffles
  3. Blushing – healthy breakfasts and lunch!
  4. Cafe Georgette – for breakfast. It’s in the middle of the high-end shopping area and feels very London-y. They do avo toast and lil pancakes and good eggs.


Things to do:

  1. Coffeeshops – the *special* kind, if that’s your thing. Prix d’Amis second floor is a nice place to chill and escape the crowds and the heat! Try the lemon cake 😉
  2. Just walk! – seriously the most underrated part of travelling is just walking around the area and feeling the vibes of the place – I’m all about vibes to the annoyance of my boyfriend. Seriously it’s the greatest feeling and Amsterdam is a great place to do that.
  3. Eat great food – obviously
  4. Drink some Heineken in the place it’s made!


There are sooooo many things we didn’t get to do and would love to do next time. If you have been let me know your favourite things + must see places!


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