May 2017 – Oakland, CA, USA

I recently went to Oakland on a work trip with my dad with the intention of then flying to Phoenix to go and see my new home! Even though I only spent a minimal amount of time in Oakland, it is somewhere I had always wanted to visit and I loved it! I am all about the vibes I get from a place or a person and Oakland definitely had good vibes haha. It is a super photogenic place and definitely quite hipster-y in areas. I would love to visit again for longer!





If you have read any of my other travel blog posts, it’s pretty obvious that I’m all about food. We walked to a cute lil taco shop, Belly and I am seriously in love. If my house could look like this it would be the dream. Peonies are my absolute favourite flowers ever… Also the food was pretty good hehehe. No, seriously, the food was great too! I’m excited to move back to America, and Western states especially for all that good Mexican food. I love you can see the impact of immigration through food and England isn’t quite a top hit for Mexican immigrants resulting in a lack of great Mexican food. It’s definitely improving though!






Pork Belly Taco – Spicy Honey Glazed Pork Belly, Sesame Slaw, Pickled Cucumbers. Southwest Taco – House Marinated Steak, Guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Corn Salsa, Jalapeno Aioli. + Truffle Fries to match my truffle addiction.
Cutest lil law firm in the world!



I love that Tribune building

Hopefully I can come back to Oakland for more than a whirlwind trip! If there’s any secret things I must see there let me know!



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