Returning After a Year Studying Abroad

I was definitely apprehensive about coming back to Birmingham after my year abroad. I thought all my friends had graduated and I wouldn’t have any friends and also I didn’t have anywhere to live. I found my house on a student social Facebook page (which I’m sure every university has) and people advertise for roommates all the time! I just chatted to people and tried to guess how friendly they were. It turned out perfectly because I get on really well with my new housemates. I was fortunate that most people in my class went on a year abroad. This means that there are a ton of friendly, familiar faces in all of my classes who are all experiencing similar things.

I was also slightly afraid of the workload and how I would handle final year. Dissertations are definitely scary and I knew there would be a jump, as there is at every new stage of University. I was concerned I would be out of practice for writing essays as they weren’t quite the same over in America. I found that I soon slid back into routine, and I had a nice, shiny new library to study in. You do get used to it quickly and I am definitely not as fearful now as I was on that plane journey home!

My worries were unfounded. I have friends and people to chat with. My housemates are lovely and it’s nice to have a room to myself again. I am working on what to do after graduation, I joined the lacrosse team and I got a job. It was definitely much easier to transition back than I thought it would be and, trust me, you’ll never realise how much its possible to miss your university town!


Best of all I got to bring a souvenir home with me from Kentucky 🙂


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